Medjugorje, in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a special place of pilgrimage visited by thousands of pilgrims each year in search of the spirituality and serenity that exists here.

On 24th June 1981 Our Lady first appeared to six visionaries and told them “I have chosen this parish in a special way and I wish to lead it”.

Our Lady continues to give messages to these six people from the village of Medjugorje: Ivan, Jakov, Marija, Mirjana, Vicka, and Ivanka. Three of the Visionaries continue to see Our Lady daily.

We have carefully prepared three great programmes for you to experience a Medjugorje pilgrimage: 7 days Spiritual pilgrimage, 7 day Two-Centre of Medjugorje and the Croatian coastline at Dubrovnik, short breaks and 2 week Two-Centre of Medjugorje & Dubrovnik Riviera.