Health & Safety Statement


Concorde Travel recognises that there is a need to ensure the safety of the customers who travel with us on our tours and pilgrimages.

The health and safety of our costumers is extremely important to us. We recognise our legal and moral responsibilities in respect of this. We also recognise that many of the broad range of services we offer are delivered by third party suppliers operating in different legal jurisdictions, of which the regulations and safety standards are also diverse. It is clearly our responsibility to contract with reputable suppliers and to take steps to provide services, which meet a reasonable standard of safety having regard to each countries legal norm.

We will ensure that reasonable and appropriate resources, both financial and humane, will be provided together with training and information so that everyone can fulfil their responsibilities with regard to our stated Safety Management System.

As a business, we will advise suppliers about health and safety good practice standards, check them against this and then we will work together with them to maintain and improve standards where necessary. We shall also make our clients aware of their responsibilities in terms of their own safety whilst on a holiday or a pilgrimage with us via a strategy of appropriate information provision and briefings.

We have implemented procedures, which will enable us to monitor and improve our safety performance, ensure action is taken where necessary with suppliers and review and revise these policies and procedures on a regular basis.

In summary, the health, safety and wellbeing of all our clients whilst they are participating in any of our holidays, is of paramount importance and we will endeavour to take all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure a safe, secure and healthy environment for them.

Barry Walsh