The largest resort in the region with a beautiful beach and many restaurants, cafes and shops and a lively local atmosphere. Makarska has a lovely promenade, an old Franciscan Monestary & museum and a bustling market.

Founded by the ancient Greeks, Makarska has a traditional harbour which serves as the focal point for its long fishing tradition, as well as access to the beautiful islands that straddle the coastline. Stone-clad streets and terracotta roof tops make it typical of the traditional villages found in the area, but today’s Makarska is also the cosmopolitan and thriving centre of the riviera. Boats are plentiful in the port and the promenade is sheltered under palm trees where a mixture of caf├ęs, restaurants and boutiques can be found.

The town is home to a wonderful seashell collection in the Franciscan Monastery and an attractive fresh fruit and flower market close to the traditional main square. Makarska offers a holiday in a lively area with an extensive choice of facilities.

Approx. transfer time from Dubrovnik Airport: 3h 30min

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