Makarska Riviera

One of the most stunning stretches of coastline along the Adriatic Sea, the Makarska Riviera enjoys long hours of uninterrupted sunshine, warm, crystal clear water and a gently sloping shoreline. The town was founded by the ancient Greeks, has a traditional harbour which serves as the focal point for its long fishing tradition and provides access to the beautiful islands that straddle the coastline. The stone-clad streets and terracotta roof tops are typical of the traditional villages found in the area, but today’s Makarska is also the cosmopolitan and thriving centre of the Riviera with numerous cafes, restaurants and boutiques.


Activities:  The Makarska Riviera is renowned for its magnificent array of water based activities and sports. There are museums and galleries worth visiting as well as the impressive Mount Biokovo Natural Park.

Eating and drinking: There is a wide selection of taverns, fish restaurants, pizzerias as well as cafes serving snacks. Beer is the favourite drink among locals although local wines are also popular.

Nightlife: Chill out in one of the numerous cafes by the town’s water front or the historic centre, visit the cocktail bars on the beach or some of the clubs in town.

Shopping: There are open air markets where to buy souvenirs and local goods. There are some trendy boutiques in the centre of town and some supermarkets in the biggest towns.

For Children: The hotels in Makarska and the calm beach are ideal for families with children. Activities, sports and entertainment in a very safe and quite environment.

Typical local prices:
Glass of beer: €4 – €6
Lunch: €10 – €17
Dinner (incl. Wine): €20 – €25
* Prices are approximate

Travel Information:

Flight Duration: 3h 30minutes
Transfer timer: Approx 3 hours