Istrian Riviera & Opatija

With kilometre after kilometre of dramatic jagged coastline, the Istrian Riviera is the largest Adriatic peninsula with a very mild climate and one that sparkles with hidden gems. Steeped in history and often compared to Tuscany, the Istrian Riviera begs to be discovered. The area has a long history of tourism and excellent standards of accommodation and service. The bustling seaside resorts provide a hive of activity with cafes, restaurants and bars for your visit. Stray from the coast and you will come upon thick green forest, vineyards and olive groves stretching to the horizon, stunning national parks and historical walled towns. Every part of this heart shaped peninsula tells an intriguing story, explore it and discover why it is being called “the new Tuscany”.

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Rovinj undeniably deserves its title as the pearl of the Istrian Peninsula with its Venetian old town stretching out across a wonderful oval-shaped peninsula, and small artistic workshops making it a thriving cultural hub.


Pula is a busy commercial city, the largest in Istria, but has managed to retain a friendly small-town appeal. Modern bars, pavement cafés and boutiques sit happily among ancient Roman ruins, including the famous Amphitheatre.  The beaches of the Verudela Peninsula, where all of our accommodation is located, is 4km from the centre and is easily accessible by public transport. Approx journey from airport: 10 minutes


The town of Opatija has a large waterfront promenade perfect for scenic walks and a feeling of splendour and stylishness that has drawn celebrities to its shores for many centuries, including the Viennese elite during the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


Porec has retained a strong Venetian character over the years and as you walk through its preserved streets you can’t help but admire its beautiful Romanesque architecture.


Originally a small seafaring village, Rabac has evolved into an atmospheric and tourist oriented town with pleasant restaurants and discos, music events and beach bars forming the popular nightlife.

Activities:  The area is traditionally known for its Tennis and there are hundreds of courts on which you can play year round. Water activities are very popular and the rolling green hills mean that those interested in cycling & hiking can find many trails for all levels to try out.

Eating and drinking: Istria has attained a reputation as a gourmet destination and being in such a traditional sea faring location, it is no surprise that much of the cuisine revolves around seafood. However, dishes are also influenced by inland ingredients, typically cured ham, truffles and smoked meats and sausages.

Nightlife: Many resorts have relaxed bars and discos, some of which stay open until the early hours while Rovinj has an area called Monvi, the largest entertainment centre in Istria.

Shopping: Souvenirs generally take the form of food including local wine & brandy. Markets are frequent and normally specialise in fresh fruit, vegetable and fish. Porec is known for its range of shops, boutiques and jewellers.

Typical Local Prices:

Glass of beer: €2.50 – €4
Lunch: €10 – €18
Dinner (incl. Wine): €30 – €35
Prices are approximate

Travel Information:

Flight Duration: 2h 40minutes
Transfer timer:
Check resort for details

Local Airport: Pula