Concorde Travel is one of Ireland’s most well established and popular Tour Operators

An Irish-owned tour operator, Concorde Travel offer in-depth and specialised holiday programmes featuring Croatia, Montenegro, Malta and Portugal (Lisbon Coast and Madeira).

Our aim is to provide innovative, creative and pioneering travel services. Concorde Travel has made its mark in various tourist locations and used to be a well known specialist in Eastern Europe, offering services to our clients even at a time when things were not easy.

Founded in 1969, Concorde Travel have a proven track record in introducing tourism into Ireland and boasts a long history of developing new travel programmes and producing innovative holiday packages. In 1973 Concorde was involved in attracting foreign students to our shores and offering them a full package programme which included return flights; and successfully introduced charter based and group travel offering quality holidays at low prices. Since 1985 Concorde Travel has taken a leading role in providing travel packages for pilgrims, adventurers, football supporters etc. Part of Joe Walsh Tours Group as of 2006, Concorde Travel continues to provide a wide variety of holidays to Irish holidaymakers.

Concorde Travel is responsible for introducing Croatia to the Irish tourist. Originally YugoTours of Ireland and starting from zero, YugoTours quickly became a major tourist operation with about 25,000 travellers flying to former Yugoslavia from all major airports in Ireland. After the war Concorde re-introduced Croatia and Montenegro to the Irish Tourist, operating in Montenegro since 1991 and Dubrovnik since 1992.

Our company offers an in-depth and specialised programme for the Adriatic coast featuring Croatia and Montenegro. We have also expanded to the East to Bosnia & Herzegovina, with a fully organised and managed 3, 7 and 14 day Pilgrimages and 2 centre holidays to one of the most famous pilgrimage sites, Medjugorje. In addition to our 7 and 14 day holiday packages, our tailor made holidays can provide a different and personal view of the most popular resorts.

Furthermore, over the last few years we have successfully organised a number of weddings in Croatia, Montenegro, Portugal and Malta assisting the couples in making their special day full of memories to last a lifetime.

As of 2009 a successful addition to our holiday programme is one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations, Malta.

Malta, located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, is quickly proving to be a top holiday choice for the Irish holidaymakers. The Maltese archipelago is formed by the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino. With its Mediterranean climate, stunning beaches, rocky cliffs, caves and plenty of activities, historical and cultural sites, Malta offers everything you may be looking for on your well deserved holidays. Another popular wedding destination, Malta could be exactly what you are looking for on your big day!

Portugal, with a stunning coastline of more than 850 kilometres that stretches from North to South and its Atlantic Islands, it offers a varied landscape and climate ideal for every holiday type. In the last ten years, Portugal has equalled its neighbouring Spain in tourism excellence and now offers a very good selection of resorts, hotels, golf courses with competitive prices and of course, the sun!
Concorde Travel caters to everyone’s needs: from couples, groups, youth or family holidays (many of our featured hotels offer entertainment and activities for children), as well as a range of holidays, for those who are on a budget or want a high standard and luxury holiday. Concorde’s young, well trained/travelled and dedicated staff are ready to help Irish holiday makers find their perfect holiday.
Check for special discounts online for packages and flights only. Our seasonal charter flight to Croatia operate from major airports in Ireland – Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Knock. We invite you to share our wealth of knowledge and experience of these regions in our biggest ever range of holiday programmes!

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Concorde Travel is fully bonded for your comfort and protection (JOE WALSH PILGRIMTOURS LIMITED T/A CONCORDE TRAVEL, Tour Operator number T.O. 052 & Travel Agent number T.A 0689).